Aluna Dreaming Family

Barbara Prestia

Barbara Prestia, classically trained vocalist, songwriter and vocal teacher, is a beautiful soul with a beautiful voice. Her heavenly sound embraces a world where vibrational loving energy transcends through all; and the journey she takes to guide others to find their own voice is really magical. Passionate about love and beauty in all things, Barbara feels beautiful music has the ability to move humanity into greatness.

Yuko Yoshioko

Yuko Yoshioka studied piano at the Yamaha School in Japan.

She gives of herself passionately by accompanying vocalists, school choirs, strings, brass and wind instrument players. Yuko has been an extraordinary piano teacher for the past 10 years on the Gold Coast and a loved member of Aluna Dreaming.


Midori’s passion for music has been a big part of her life. Her first instrument was Piano and soon after she found a love for Violin through her schooling years. Midori had a short break to travel and pursue a sporting goal, but Violin had always found a way to be a part of her being. After marriage and raising children this stunning violinist made time to come back to music and now teaches violin as a profession, and also performs with Aluna Dreaming.

Glenn Barry

Glenn Barry has connections with Gamilaraay – the First Nation peoples of Northern NSW. He holds a Bachelor of Fine Art and Bachelor of Digital Media with Honours. He has nearly 20 years experience as an artist and 10 years in education across the world. Growing up on the Gold Coast, his art and stories mirror our sensory perceptions of being in this world and how identity may be held within each being. Glenn is standing strong among leaders staging educated comebacks of reclaiming our authority. His passions include cultural learning through tactile connections. His
methodology incorporates process, perspective and narratives as research that enquires into notions of self-description and self-determination. These narratives are like DNA strands that pass their genetic intelligence to translate our personal messages into meanings we can understand and relate to.

Leeton Lee

Leeton Lee is Bundjalung Dunghutti man on the Aboriginal side of his Family and Mualgal man from St Pauls village Moa Island Torres Strait. A gifted artist with artwork exhibited at the GC Arts Centre, Parliament House and in various sites on the Gold Coast Leeton also crafts and plays didgeridoo. Aluna Dreaming are grateful to have Leeton on board.

Russell Smith

Russell Smith is an Aboriginal man from South Australia, well-known among Indigenous Australians and key politicians. He has extensive experience in the corporate and philanthropic sectors, in government and non-government organisations, and with educational and sporting institutions.  Russell plays didgeridoo partnering with many international artists and Aluna Dreaming love having him on board as an accompanist and an advisor

Angela Heather Smith

Classical vocalist and songwriter Angela Heather Smith, has is a captivating presence, with her ethereal voice, she illuminates sound throughout your soul.
The Gold Coast Soprano started out performing in her family lounge room as a child and has gone on to entertain thousands of guests on a professional stage. Her love for sound and frequencies has taken her to a path in which she loves to use the beauty of her voice to transform and inspire through music.